Online qualifier Week 1

Workout 1

In 6 minutes, complete as many reps as possible of the following two exercises:

3:00 Row for max calories
3:00 Max reps shoulder to overhead

The rower will count down from 3 minutes, and the athlete must stay on the rower until the timer hits zero. The clock does not stop between the row and the shoulder to overhead, and the athlete will have remaining time to complete max reps of the barbell exercise. 

There are two scores for this workout. 


Rx: Men 135#, Women 95#
Masters: Men 115#, Women 85#
Scaled/Teen: Men 95#, Women 65#


ROWING: Set the rower to count down for 3 minutes. Get on. Turn it on. You should go crazy fast. Watch some Olympic rowing videos on YouTube. Put on Kanye's "Black Skinhead" and destroy the row.

SHOULDER TO OVERHEAD: The barbell will be taken from the floor and carried in the front rack. By any means necessary, the athlete will get the bar from the shoulders to overhead. Strict press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk are all acceptable methods. The athlete must lock out the arms, hips, and knees and have the feet under the body to complete a rep. 

Workout  2

Max weight on the following lift.

3-Rep Front Squat

There is no time cap for this workout.


Every division: As high as you can possibly get them.


Athletes have as much time as needed to work up to their max weight on the above barbell lift. 

The FRONT SQUAT requires the athlete to keep the bar in the front rack position and pass through a full squat. The bar can be taken from the rack or from the floor. Once the bar leaves the floor or the rack, all three reps must be completed before the bar returns to the floor or the rack. If the bar is taken from the rack, it may be dropped to the floor after the completion of the third rep.