volunteer sIGN-UP

The Crossfit® Cascade Classic runs on volunteers
but this year it’s different!

Every year we ask friends, family, fellow athletes - basically anyone we can find - to come and help out. We want them to be judges, to corral competitors, to set up, to clean up... and then some. All for a T-shirt!

This year we’re doing things differently.

To be successful and to create the best experience for everyone, we need commitment from volunteers rather than the “just show up” approach we’ve used previously.

With dedicated judges we can count on for specific shifts, we can accurately manage events that will fairly challenge everyone - and run on time.

We need YOU & YOUR GYM.

We are asking participating gyms to field their best - not only their best competitors, but their best volunteers too.

And in return you will be rewarded.

That’s right - the gym could walk away with a C2 rower or PR Lifting gear as a real “thank you” for providing the kind of quality judges we are looking for.

And yes - volunteers will still get a T-shirt (as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner!)

SO FILL IN THE FORM and download the info sheet, and make every volunteer hour count!

We will track your total volunteer hours and connect with your contact at your gym to let them know what level they reached and where they can pick up their equipment after finals.

We have big plans for the The Crossfit® Cascade Classic over the next couple of years, with our goal to become the Pacific Northwest Sanctionals for the Games. To do this we have to demonstrate our own virtuosity; that we can run a well organized larger event, over two days, with consistency, accuracy, and be financially successful. By committing to help out now you get in on the ground floor for the future of this competition, and a chance to make it something we can all be proud of as affiliates, athletes, volunteers, and community.