The 2018 Cascade Classic team competition will involve 4 events for all teams.  After 4 events the top 12 teams will compete in a final event. 

Event 1:   Christeam

Sponsored by Concept 2

In mixed gender pairs teams will have 14 minutes to complete as many rounds as possible of the following:

7 Calorie row on slides
7  Sync deadlifts 185# for men, 115# for women
7 Sync bar facing burpees

Teams will have two barbells, two boxes, a rowing machines on slides. Partners will stay on the row until both athletes hit at least 7 calories. 

Score for this event is total reps competed in the allotted time. 


sponsored by PR Lifting

10 Rep max Shoulder to overhead


Teams have 15 minutes for each athlete to establish a 10rm in shoulder to overhead. The bar can only rest in the front rack position until the set is complete.  

Event 3:   Everything all the times

Sponsored by

Run 1000m as a team
Then complete
10 rope climbs
30 DB Thrusters
30 Box jump overs
150 Double Unders*

4 rounds for time

25 minute time cap


50# DB/hand for Men
35# DB/hand for Women
15' rope climb
24" Box

Work doesn't begin until all four athletes complete the run. All four athletes can work simultaneously and the work can be divided in any way.  

*Double unders must be performed with a Scout rope

Event 4:    I’ve got worms

sponsored by Riot athletics

 15 worm cleans
15 worm squats
60 pull ups
15 worm cleans
15 worm squats
45 pull ups
15 worm cleans
15 worm squats
30 pull ups
15 worm cleans
15 worm squats
15 pull ups


20 min time cap. Each set of pull ups will be performed by a different athlete. During each set of pull ups, the worm must remain off the of the ground. Cleans are ground to shoulder. Teams will change shoulders between sets.

Team Final:   TBA