FuBarbell is coming to town

Get your snatch, clean+jerk on with Coach Diane Fu of FuBarbell learning movement progressions for improvement in these classic lifts. Participants should be prepared for an active day of practical work starting with mobility considerations for the Olympic-style weightlifter and then moving into snatch and clean+jerk movement progressions. Participants will also have an opportunity to practice their lifts under the watchful eye of Coach Fu and receive feedback on their lifts. 


Introductions: 15min

Warm-Up: 30min

Mobility Considerations For The Weightlifter

Snatch: 60min

a. Points of Performance

b. Snatch Progression
c. Free Lift: Snatch

Break: 15min

Clean&Jerk: 60min

a. Points of Performance

b. Clean + Jerk Progression

c. Free Lift: Clean&Jerk